Less cold emails,
More income.

Cold calls and emails suck. Get paid to answer sellers, making everyone happy.

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Build pipeline without annoying people.

No more awkward cold calls, emails, or spam on LinkedIn. Just pay our users to respond in one touch.

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Reduce interuptions from sellers.
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Help a seller qualify or disqualify you.
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Get paid regardless of how you answer.
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The end of cold prospecting is near.

60% of revenue comes from outbound prospecting, but its effectiveness is plummeting.

How does Request For Meeting work ?

YOur mutually beneficial pay-to-pitch platform

Make sending and receiving cold pitches unnecessary.

For Everyone

You'll get contacted at least 780 times this year from sellers trying to get a meeting. Your response can help a sales person save time. Get paid for responding, and collect thousands of dollars a year for your time, attention, and insight.

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For Sellers

Imagine if every contact you prospected responded?  Hundreds of people will try getting a meeting with your prospect, but only .4% of those touches will succeed. With RFM, pay to get a response from your buyer. No response, no charge.

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For Revenue Teams

Skip the 20 step prospecting sequence and get responses from your prospects without one cold call or email with our marketplace. Give your marketing dollars to your buyer directly.

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For Employers

The average company lose $3600 in wages per employee dealing with interruptions from spam. Request for Meeting will decrease those interruptions, decrease distractions, and let your employees earn extra income.

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Skip the cold calls and emails.
Browse our marketplace.

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Getting cold prospected?

Everyone gets prospected. Create an account and monetize the prospect you receive. Request for Meeting is free to sign up. We only make money when you make money.

Want to pitch on RFM?

We'll be opening our marketplace up soon. In order to sell in the marketplace, you'll need to be in the marketplace. Create your account to get started.